Faculty Research Opportunities

The Gould Center offers various kinds of support for faculty research, including research grants, funded research assistants, and publication subventions.

Faculty Research Grants


In an effort to promote humanities-focused scholarship at CMC, as well as to promote research collaboration between faculty and students, the Gould Center sponsors faculty research projects in the humanities that are pursued in partnership with a CMC student research assistant.  Proposals, which are invited annually, are welcome from all CMC tenured/tenure-track faculty, no matter the department, so long as the proposed research project concerns issues central to humanistic inquiry.  All CMC students, no matter the major or year, are eligible to serve as student research assistants on funded projects.

The next scheduled call for proposals will be at the start of the academic year of 2019-2020.

Faculty research sponsored by the Gould Center for the academic year of 2018-2019 can be found here.

Faculty Publication Subventions


The Gould Center has some limited funds set aside each academic year for book subventions. These funds, which are meant to assist tenured/tenure-track faculty in the publication of scholarly manuscripts in the humanities, will be disbursed on a rolling basis.  Normally, subventions are available only once a formal publication contract for the manuscript has been secured. 

Interested faculty should email the Gould Center at gouldcenter@cmc.edu with a brief description of the funding need and relevant supporting documentation.  The size of the grant will be determined by need but normally will not exceed $3000.